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Hello, my name is Jack Abend; I am twelve years old and my brother Alex is nine years old. Some activities I enjoy are tennis and chess. My Bar Mitzvah is coming up soon, and the Mitzvah Project seeks to help others as this is a vital part in becoming a man. For my Mitzvah Project, I have found a mix between passion and service; I have chosen to run in a 5k with the intent to raise money for Camp Cranium. Camp Cranium is a place in which they provide kids with brain injuries a fun and supportive enviornment. Camp Cranium has played a role in my life for many years. Both my parents worked to start this camp and from a young age I tagged alongside them while they worked there. Above is a picture enjoying my time there. Millions of people each year get a brain injury, many of whom are children. I believe that organizations like Camp Cranium should be available to everyone regardless of what they can afford. Your donation can help make this happen!! 

ABOUT Run Walk Roll for Brain Injury 2022

Brain Injury changes lives. The Run, Walk, Roll for Brain Injury supports the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA) and Camp Cranium, who work to prevent brain injuries and support children and adults touched by brain injury.

Thank you for supporting these wonderful organizations.

Name Date Amount Comments
Walter & May March 04/24/2022 $72.00 Dear Jack, What a wonderful Bar Mitzvah project. We are so proud of all your accomplishments. Looking forward to sharing a special weekend With you and your family. Love aunt May and uncle Walter
Amy and Larry Micon 04/19/2022 $100.00 Congrats Jack!
Phyllis Abend 04/19/2022 $100.00 Congratulations Jack!
Steve and Barbara Abend 04/18/2022 $100.00 Good Work, Jack
Howard Friedman 04/18/2022 $100.00 Jack, congratulations.
Anonymous Friend 04/17/2022 $100.00 Congratulations Jack!
Karen Chesley 04/17/2022 $100.00 Congratulations Jack! From Titi and JayJay
Nancy & Pat Chesley 04/17/2022 $100.00  
  Total $772.00