All About Harry
Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania
All About Harry

We have never missed a Race!!!!  Our team is dedicated to our favorite guy Harry.  If you knew him, then you know why he was loved so much.  You would know why so many of us work in healthcare and have dedicated our lives to caring for others.  He was one of a kind, no really, there is not another one of him and there never will be.  
After suffering a TBI from a motorcycle accident at the age of 19, he became the glue that held all of us together for so long.  He could not remember what he had to eat for breakfast, or the names of my kids who he kindly refered to as Roscoe and Molly, and he often called his neices and nephews by the wrong names.  However he could remember the name to every Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones song and he could remember if at any point in your life that you tripped fell and made a fool of yourself.  He was and is still our hero, he always will be our favorite guy!!!  We celebrate him by raising money for Moss the place that gave him back to us so long ago!!!

ABOUT Brain Injury Challenge: Race for Recovery 2022
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